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General Management Curriculum


Our Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration is anchored in the fundamentals of a general management curriculum that is structured to take students through the complete spectrum of business education. Beginning with the basic courses on how to give winning presentations, or how a database works, it moves on to foundation courses such as statistics, economics and organizational behaviour. Students are then introduced to the major functional areas of business - marketing, accounting, operations, human resources, finance, international business - and ultimately progress toward in-depth study of these areas, both independently and in synergy with each other.

As an institution that provides holistic management education, faculty are encouraged to adopt diverse pedagogic approaches to enhance the learning experience. Lectures, presentations, individual and group assignments, case studies and business simulations are used as teaching tools. Faculty engage students to build knowledge, create understanding in core business principles, nurture sound thinking by providing challenges and opportunities to explore and take risks. They don’t just lecture – they share information, elicit responses, spur dialogue, and encourage ideas to compete and people to collaborate.

                     Theoretical Phase I at IGTC                            September – November
Financial and Cost Accounting Marketing Management
Quantitative Methods Research Methodology
Economics for Managers Consumer Buying Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour Advertising and PR
Business Communication  
Financial Management I  


                Theoretical Phase II at IGTC                             December – February
Services and Retail Marketing Production Management
Market Research Operations Research
Human Resources Management Logistics and SCM
IT for Managers and MIS Materials Management
Business Law  
Financial Management II  


                    Theoretical Phase III at IGTC                                   March – May
Strategic Management & Business Policy I International Business & Trade Policy
Sales and Distribution Management Financial Risk Management
Industrial Marketing Strategic Cost Management
Industrial Relations Investment Management
Corporate Tax (Indirect)  


                       Theoretical Phase IV at IGTC                                  June - August
Strategic Management & Business Policy II Mergers and Acquisitions
Financial Institutions and Markets ERP
Organizational Development Capstone Project
Corporate Tax (Direct) German Language


September to February Practical Training at Assigned Company

IGTC reserves the right to change the syllabus and course structure of the programme, as per the changes in the academic and corporate environment.