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IIM Alumni commending IGTC Chennai

IIM Alumni commending IGTC Chennai


                                 IGTC-Mgt Education Convocation in Chennai on 20 Apr 2016

We as alumni of IIMA may tend to think that we are masters in the art & science of Management. The consistent good ranking of IIMA over last 50 years has helped in reinforcing this view.

I don’t know if any of you had exposure to students of other Management Institutes. Today, I received an invite for convocation of Mgt course students of IGTC (Indo-German Trade Center-Chennai). The 2 previous programs of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce I have attended were good and by Chennai standards, it was not too far away, I decided to attend it, especially since it was only for 2 hours. Here is my brief resume of the event.

Indo German Chamber of commerce http://indien.ahk.de/promotes German companies’ interests in India. In my opinion & observation, Germany has been good friend of India and this is reflected by German industrial investments in India with most of them being in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune- 3 cities with which I am familiar. Personally I liked dealing with German companies while based in Arabian Gulf and I have good opinion about Germans and the country. I found the people to be friendly unlike what is projected in Hollywood movies.  

IGTC’s Mgt programs are being offered from Mumbai since last 25 years and in Chennai for last 10 years. The full time program is 18 months which includes 6 months internship in a German affiliated company in Chennai. In the batch I witnessed, there were 15 students and all of them were placed. The course fee at around Rs 3 lakhs is in my opinion reasonable and location is GN Chetty road and thus at the heart of the city. They also have 1 year Executive MBA at about Rs 1.29 lakhs.

The contact person is Ms. Prabhatel: 2834-0107/0067 - You can find more info from her.

I attended mainly to hear the VIP speakers on the dais. Mr. Steinruecke is the Director General of IGTC and is based in Mumbai. He is not only an energetic speaker of the American model but also I heard more pro-Indian speech today than from our own RBI Governor. He mentioned that India’s revision of GDP has brought it with the working methodology of IMF & World Bank. He also mentioned that costs, if they go down can contribute to the growth figures and this explains the 7.5% (5% growth and 2.5% decline due to wholesale prices going down). He said that growth in India is assured because India’s GDP is (far) lower that of other BRIC countries, so it can only go up. If Modi would have heard him, he would have been the honorary Minister in his cabinet. BTW, he is in India for past 25 years and knows the country well.  

Mr. Fabig is the Consul General in Chennai and he talked about Germany’s continued interest in Indian RE & Urban Development projects- the 2 areas of my interest.

Dr. Stallkamp is the MD of a large German company in Chennai which is 100 years old (in Germany) and has 120,000 employees worldwide with factories in 14 countries- They make cars which you want to own- BMW! Naturally he talked about paying a premium for quality.

The special Guest was Mr. Raju Venkataraman – IITian and IIMA Alumni (Executive MBA-1983). He was in USA with EDS and retuned to India to become a serial (and successful) entrepreneur and presently MD of Medall (healthcare). He narrated his own experience in producing outstanding results which (if remembered) would be a good inspiration to the new batch of MBAs.

The event was held within scheduled time – in typical German fashion. The lunch at Hotel Turyaa, OMR (opened last Sep) was good. The event being convocation had a mix of young students as well as some of the proud parents. I think during our convocation in April 1973 at IIM Ahmedabad, no parent attended it. Times have changed for the better.

P.B.Varadharajan - President of REHENA RENEWABLE ENERGY

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