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The decision to join Indo German Training Centre is one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life. At IGTC, the main focus is on pragmatic applied learning rather than rote learning. IGTC has played a vital role in sculpting my career from an ordinary to an extra-ordinary. Although I haven’t completed my course, I can feel the paradigm shift in my behaviour, thoughts and personality. IGTC has been like almost a second home to me. The pedagogy of IGTC has a perfect blend of theoretical and analytical learning.

One of the philosophies I learnt at IGTC is “Winning is not about competing but differentiating”, it is true for the institution thyself. IGTC does not showcase itself through pyrotechnic publicities or advertisements rather it propels its stakeholders to publicize it by creating industry-best managers through its incomparable pedagogic system. I’m truly amazed with the experience of being associated with IGTC. Arun Sundar D. PGPBA Batch 2011-13

An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life”.
Me a student from IGTC standby and believe that it has changed my perspective of Management acquisition towards my career and life. The prestigious institution has helped in creating a niche for myself which reveals my identification by the values and ethics the institution has imbibed in me. My journey in the institution along with my association with the faculties has made an indelible impact on the way I look at my career today. We were always educated by our faculties to think what is called “Out of the Box” which has always helped me in looking at different perspective of a situation. I have other friends from various institutes learning the same subject. The demarcation created by IGTC is the methodology used; I am proud to be a part of those few institutions which believe in concept learning and not through just class room learning which has an overall impact on the personality one possesses within. The associations with top brands in all industry verticals is what gives IGTC high regards. I would like to owe my career leaps to this college which has taught me how to be a good citizen and then a great professional. I would recommend IGTC to aspiring professionals who aim to pursue a challenging career and one’s who really want to make a difference. I aspire to give others the opportunity to attend IGTC. I hope to accomplish this by supporting the Institute and serve as an proud Alumni. G Badri, Officer Purchasing – BMW India Pvt Ltd IGTC Chennai - PGPBA 2008-10

I came to know about IGTC and the Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration when I chanced upon an article in ‘The Times of India’. I decided to apply for the course just because the phrase Indo-German ‘Dual Education System’ sounded interesting.
Now, having completed four months of my stint at IGTC, I can vouch that I have made a good decision.
My training here has changed my attitude to life in more ways than one and I have evolved as a person. The experienced stalwarts from diverse industries and faculty of learned professors have held us in awe not only by their storehouse of knowledge and progressive thinking but also by their professionalism and dedication.
The curriculum, the course structure, the approach and instructional methods are on par with the best management courses in the country. At IGTC, the systematic, practical methods of imparting knowledge and work ethics go a long way in training students to be good individuals and better professionals.
Everyday at IGTC may be demanding, but that’s a price worth paying for a career that’s rewarding! Nisha Jones Batch 2012-2014

The faculties at IGTC are the best since they are not professors, but top management people from Corporate world, are experts in their field share their expertise & knowledge which help us to learn and implement practically. The management as well as faculties helps, supports and encourages us to learn, think, innovate, practice and guide us in all aspects. Its how hard you work and how much all you take from IGTC, there is a lot of knowledge they give and learning to overcome hurdles is one of them. IGTC helps me to build leadership quality, communication skills and cultivate confidence to face the corporate world. Yoganand K L N Batch 2012-2014

Enrolling for the PGPBA course offered by the Indo-German Training Centre is the best gift I have given myself as far as my career is concerned. The fact that the course is not a typical MBA but a one and half year program based on the German dual education system attracted me. Today, I am here interacting with some of the finest professionals from different backgrounds. The impact is very visible, from the way I think and express myself; everything has undergone a tremendous change. Thanks to IGTC.
Every single day at IGTC, I feel, is taking me one step closer to my goal Renuka N.G IGTC (2012-1014)

Indo German Training Centre has been a revolution in the lives of many students. It provides students with an ocean of opportunities to learn, practice, innovate, think and bring out new ideas. At the end of every phase we move one step closer to what we aspired to become. IGTC distinguishes itself with its experienced and professional staffs who are experts in their fields.
Course at IGTC is never a cake walk; it makes us stronger everyday with its challenging tasks. The knowledge imparted to us during the course is a perfect fusion of subject matter and practical experience. We are enlightened with inputs which no book ever contained. Every session is filled with mind blowing information and we carry home bundles of knowledge which our staffs pass over to us. Repeated presentations cultivate confidence and make us enduring. To work within time frames help us to manage time like never before. Staffs at IGTC identify the best in us and craft us into perfect candidates that the industry demands.
Studying at IGTC is all about getting ourselves moulded into an outstanding individual. Vinisha S. PGPBA Batch 2011-13

All these days, I was thinking that management degree is just a degree, but this perception changed only after joining IGTC, which made me realize that it is beyond a laminated sheet. IGTC made me realize that it’s an art/style of living. The class rooms may be small, but it’s a place where you can see - EXPERIENCE teaches class, PRACTISE makes you perfect, KNOWLEDGE meets you every hour, STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES being worked upon and so on. You could get degrees from top notches around the world, salaries as high as buying a BMW, Audi, but, I bet you, if you could get hands on practical training in all fields of management with theoretical studies, it’s only IGTC. If one could rightly say Yes..We have been trained to work the corporate/professional wa he/she has to be an IGTC product. Jayaganapathy.K , Officer Purchasing – BMW India Pvt Ltd IGTC Chennai - PGPBA 2010-12

The best thing about IGTC is its curriculum and the practical training as a part of the course structure. IGTC provides a wide platform of subject knowledge with resourceful faculties round the year. I feel that choosing the right college for MBA is most important than completing the course. And in this regard I have definitely taken a right decision by choosing IGTC". Mathangi R Batch 2011-13

IGTC is a place of excellence! The knowledge imparted here, through a stream of practical applications rather than a just bookish knowledge brings out in every student, a variety of potentials possessed, in their own unique ways. “Professionalism” is taught here, in the right way it has to be done. The quantum of knowledge every student gains here and the nature of projects they get to work, educates them in the wide areas of management and provides a vivid direction of a career path for them to adapt in future.
For me, now, it has been 8 months of a wonderful learning experience at IGTC. Be it in academics or otherwise, the one teaching for my career, which IGTC gave me is that, “ knowledge is possessed by everyone, but it would be worthless if it is not shared with others. Sharing knowledge adds more value to that knowledge”. Venkatanarayanan V. Batch 2011-13

Inspiring faculties, supportive administration, unique course structure with 6 months industry experience –IGTC is truly a dream come true for management aspirants. But the course offers a lot more than the above mentioned. Not only does IGTC offers great placement opportunities with world class companies, it also provides an amazing network of well connected professionals, from whom the students can draw a wealth of support.
The lessons inculcated in this academy shapes our life so strongly that it leaves its mark in all that we do. IGTC shapes our attitude so that we are tuned to become the best among our peers. It inculcates values so strong that it makes us professionals with a conscious.
Proud to be an IGTCian. Aruna Narayanan, PGPBA Batch 2009-2011 Citibank - Business Development Manager –SME Chennai