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My association with IGTC as a guest lecturer on various subjects makes me proud.The freedom of teaching and learning both for the student and the faculty is remarkable and the practical cum theory format of the course has over the years proved to be very effective for both faculty and the future leader. The administration's pro-activeness in enabling a learning environment, their networking and the building up of competence in the students over the 18 months of their study etc are unparallelled and is worth following by all premier Management Institutes. Prof Vijay Balaji IGTC

As a faculty member at IGTC, I enjoy an academic environment rich with opportunity, resources and diversity, where excellence in education is the basis for all work. The teaching methodology of the program is unique and the curriculum is updated from time to time to meet the current requirement of the Industries.A flexible and perfectly organized program.

The faculty and staff are very open, supportive, and encourage students to become Good Managers and to develop as individuals. They really care about the welfare of their students, and they want to see the students succeed.

Student population is consistently diverse. It consists of individuals of various ages, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We believe this mixture allows students to learn about and from each other. While our students' lives and experiences vary greatly, they all share a demonstrated capacity for leadership and a desire to effect positive change and I feel that I am in the best academic environment. Dr. K. Sayee Manohar Visiting Faculty - IGTC

My association with IGTC, Chennai as a guest Faculty for lectures on IT for Managers has been one of a rewarding nature. The planning and management of the course was current and contemporary and the freedom to teach the students with practical case studies was very relevant to a corporate professional like me. The independence with which students operated, speaks volumes about the effective administration of the course. It is this freedom with high quality content that can produce effective managers of the future.

I convey my sincere appreciation to IGTC, Chennai and its management team and my heartfelt wishes for continued success. J. Raghunathan Guest Faculty for lectures on IT for Managers

I must admit that my association with IGTC, Chennai as a faculty on International Business has been a very refreshing and enriching experience, in fact, a first and one of its kind. The independence and support provided by IGTC in the teaching methodology and the warmth of the Administration team, coupled with the continuous zeal evinced by the students is truly commendable. I deem it a privilege to be associated with IGTC and its students. Mr Chandrashekar Kupperi Faculty - International Business

It has been my privilege and honour to be associated with a great institution like IGTC. The focus at IGTC has always been on Experiential Learning. It is a pleasure to watch the young graduates being groomed into thorough Management Professional by the end of the meticulously designed course. In my opinion, the key success factors of IGTC lies in three areas: Support and Encouragement from the Administration; Commitment and Dedication of the Faculties; Passion and Sincerity of the Students. Arun Kumar S.Davay Faculty

My association with IGTC as a faculty for Research and Finance has been enriching and quite interesting. Apart from the freedom to design and develop relevant and contemporary course material, I have found the easy accessibility and the willingness to incorporate novel teaching methodologies a unique feature at IGTC. Flexibility of approach, reliable support and a keenness to involve faculty in all areas of student and program development - academic and professional, is one of the hallmarks of the IGTC- faculty relationship. Lakshmi D Chand IGTC Faculty

As a faculty for Business Communication for the PGPBA program at IGTC, I have found the experience of interacting with the dynamic staff of IGTC and the enthusiastic students to be a very rewarding and interesting one. The latitude to structure course material, the openness to innovative teaching inputs and strong support extended to faculty is deeply appreciated. Bhuvana Venkatesh IGTC Faculty

It is a privilege to be a part of IGTC’s teaching fraternity. The enormous transparency, understanding, cooperation rendered by IGTC’s administration, is the key success in developing students knowledge base. A four line poem – IGTC…..
Igniting innovation amongst students
Giving abundant flexibility to faculty in syllabus
Training towards Futuristic approach
Carefully coined German Dual degree Program
......Makes IGTC outstanding !!!!!!!!!!!! Dr.Gowri Ramachandran, IGTC Faculty, Economics for Managers