Objective: To ignite personal transformation by creating an opening for new thinking and action, thereby allowing for non-linear results. To achieve impossible results we have to change the way we think about the world and what is possible. This can be achieved through rigorous and at times profound enquiry into the way all human beings think and interpret the behavior, actions and speech of those around them. The program helps develop a series of paradigm shifts which open up a new domain of possibility and action, by creating space for people to unleash their potential, express their uniqueness, creativity and passion.

Session Details: The structure has been crafted for a quality of wholeness where one principle fits in and falls in with another. At times, the experience for the participants is one of non-linearity and moments of oneness, a sense of all togetherness.

Motivated States of Excellence

  • Enjoy learning to create and draw on appropriate inner states and resources for excelling in any behavior
  • Get at ease with fear, confusion and hesitation
  • Constructing passion, confidence, enthusiasm, creativity, initiative and self-worth

Mental Frameworks

  • Discover and enjoy learning about unconscious drivers which perpetuate un-resourceful behavior
  • Recognize toxic and disempowering frames and learning reframing
  • Install resourceful frames, consistent with commitments, intentions and dreams

Creating Rapport

  • With the world and circumstances as an opportunity for celebrating relationship
  • Transforming relationships from fear, blame, justification, one-upmanship to one of openness, compassion, trust and respect
  • Learning to create this quality of relationship with each and every one

Stem Brain and Mid Brain Response Mechanism

  • Recognizing, disengaging and defeating past based automatic response mechanism
  • Becoming self-determined as against past-determined
  • Learning to distinguish fact-interpretation-meaning
  • Developing and balancing left brain & right brain activities & response


  • Uncovering context around contents, positive intention of a behavior, and receive feedback constructively

Managing Change

  • Creating a future independent from one’s past, interpretations about life, and fears

Anchoring your Inner Certainty

  • Discovering and focusing on strengths, recognizing self-imposed constraints, re-contextualizing about failures and breakdowns, creating inner certainty

Trainer: Ms. Jaya Joshi is a graduate in Psychology with honors. She has been understudy to Khursheed Merchant since 1986. Jaya joined Khursheed Merchant’s Training Company in 1986 as a Director and Co-Coach, and has coached over 5000 people. At the Corporate level her focus has been empowering individuals to keep up with the fast changing commercial environment and inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit, passion and a sense of ownership at their work place. She has worked with leading organizations such as SRF, MICO, Bayer, Nicholas Piramals, Perfetti and Wockhardt amongst others.