The Customer or Consumer is our ‘raison d’être’. Hence through this program we attempt to sensitize and orient corporate personnel from all disciplines and departments to the ‘Customer/Consumer’. Through the use of case studies and best practices of Marketing, this program shall take you though both theory and practice. Through exercises, simulations and role-plays the program shall engage the participants in building Marketing frameworks for their own organization. This program shall hence focus on the practice of Marketing and its application to ensure Competitive Advantage for one’s organization.


  • Participants will understand Marketing constructs and what drives Customers/Consumers
  • Participants will understand ‘How Marketing Works’
  • Participants will understand and appreciate the elements which draw Customers close to the Marketing organization
  • Participants will discover their own role in the entire Marketing effort of an organization
  • Participants will be able to understand and interpret a basic Marketing Plan


The Holistic Marketing Orientation

  • Understanding and application of marketing and the marketing concept
  • The nature of Holistic Marketing Organizations today

Benchmarking to Improve Performance

  • Learning the Art and Science of choosing target markets
  • Understanding Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning; Marketing mix; and other concepts of Marketing Management.

What Influences Customer Behaviour

  • Learn to build closer relationships with Customers
  • Attracting, Retaining and Growing Customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value

Customer Expectation Management

  • What is Customer Service
  • Understanding Customer Perceived Value, Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Market Sensing

  • What is Market Intelligence
  • Analyzing Shifts in marketing trends; and identifying the major forces

Competitive frame of reference

  • The importance of Product Positioning
  • Application of the same through examples/cases

Marketing Communication

  • What are the 8 different ways in which organizations communicate to their Clients/Consumers
  • How can everybody in the organization play a part to create strong Brands through such Communication

Formulation of Strategy

  • Being able to analyze the marketing plan
  • Concept development
  • Evaluating the characteristics


Who would best benefit from this program?
Personnel from Engineering, Quality Assurance, Production, R & D, Finance, SCM, Communication, H.R., Investor Relations, Site Management, Administration, Operations, Sales, Systems, Service and other departments too will very largely benefit through a new understanding of their contribution towards their organizational marketing objectives.

So whichever discipline the participants represent, they will be sensitized to a new paradigm of Marketing. This new learning will help the participants enhance value that they will display in terms of customer and organizational betterment

Mr. Rajeev Chawla is a post-graduate in Management and Law. He has more than 28 years of Corporate experience in the field of Sales, Marketing & Operations. He has worked with Market leaders like Transelektra Domestic Products, Baccarose Cosmetics Ltd, Wipro Systems Ltd, Aptech Limited, Microland Limited, Planetasia etc at senior management positions. He is currently engaged as a Management and Brand Consultant and Corporate Trainer. He has also conducted Executive Training Programmes for various organizations and his training domain areas, designed and implemented for Corporates are Sales and Marketing training, Negotiation, Leadership and Motivation and Personal Productivity skills (Soft skills). He is also a visiting Industry Faculty for Marketing at several business schools in the country.