BMW – Industrial Visit

IGTC Chennai arranged an Industrial Visit to BMW, Chennai for the students of PGPBA programme (2016 – 2018) batch on 30th June 2017. The delegation was a memorable event and a milestone in the history of IGTC management education.

The IGTC delegation led by Mr. S. Raj, the Regional Director of IGCC & IGTC comprised sixteen students, three staff – General Manager (Mr. Ashok Kumar), Programme Coordinator (Ms. Sathiya Subramanian) and Executive Admin (Mr. Vickey Nishanth). The Managing Director of BMW, Dr. Jochen Stallkamp and Ms. Vimala Jithish, the Executive Assistant to the MD of BMW welcomed the team. Dr. Stallkamp addressed the gathering and presented a slideshow briefing BMW’s inauguration at Chennai in the year 2006, BMW’s models, the global picture of BMW industry, the percentage of growth this year, the proposed innovative technology cars such as electric & automatic cars that might emerge as the most sophisticated and luxurious automobile, the future of BMW in the next 100 years and of course last but not least the CSR initiatives of BMW such as building homes and promoting skill centres for the under privileged communities in society. Also, to relieve the stress of work life and as an Initiative to promote fraternity among BMW employees, the management conducts a family get together every year. The CSR activity and the family get together are noble initiatives by BMW that definitely needs an appreciation.

The presentation was followed by the plant visit – a walk through conducted in two groups guided by two engineers who detailed the entire process starting from surface check of the car bodies imported from Germany, stage wise parts assembly, wiring, rework area, painting department when rework is necessary and finally the test drive area, an annexure outside the plant. Thanks to the engineers. It was vivid from the plant tour that BMW never compromises quality putting forth trust and customer satisfaction as their secrets of success.

Subsequently, there was an interesting question/answer session in the conference hall with the MD of BMW. Dr. Stallkamp was delighted to answer the students’ queries and also put some interesting questions to the students to infer their knowledge on cars/automobile industry and the plant tour. Dr. Stallkamp had a very good sense of humour and indeed Mr. S. Raj, the Regional Director also made the conversation more interesting by sharing his ideas with Dr. Stallkamp intermittently during the session.

At the end of the session Mr. S. Raj proposed the vote of thanks to Dr. Stallkamp and felicitated him with an artistic momento thanking BMW for the IGTC delegation. Dr. Stallkamp was overwhelmed with this token of appreciation and thanksgiving after which a group photo was taken with him. Finally, the team was offered some refreshments.

The students and staff thanked Dr. Stallkamp and Ms. Vimala for the visit, presentation, the warmth & hospitality and their valuable time.

A note of appreciation and thanks was rendered by the IGTC students & staff to Mr. S. Raj, the Regional Director of IGCC & IGTC for his effort and initiative in providing such a wonderful opportunity to visit BMW that made this industrial tour a success. This initiative of IGTC Chennai is a consistent endeavour and many more worthy visits are expected every year.