Inauguration of PGPBA – Batch 2016-18 on 9th September 2016

Mr.S.Raj, RD, IGCC & Director, IGTC addressing the Students

The 12th Batch of PGPBA was inaugurated by the Mr S.Raj, Regional Director, IGCC & Director, IGTC along with other Admin staff of IGTC on 9th September 2016. The batch comprises of 16 students from various streams. There are 4 girls and 12 boys consisting of 10 Engineers and 6 Non-Engineers.

In his address to the students, Mr.S.Raj spoke about the current global economic situation and highlighted the Indo-German trade and economy. He gave an overview of Germany’s strength in various fields, vocational/dual education being one of the key factors which helped a robust economy. He also named a few successful alumni of IGTC and the growth that they’ve achieved after graduating from IGTC. This reinforced the students’ decision of having made the perfect career choice of joining IGTC.

Students gave a brief introduction on their background, educational qualifications and also spoke about the motives behind their decision to join the course at IGTC. The batch comprise of both experienced and fresh graduates.


GTC PGPBA Batch2016-2018 with MrS Raj,Director– IGTC &Other IGTC Admin Staff

The classes commenced immediately there after.