I am very thankful to one of my UG professors who told me about this institute. From the moment I started researching about the institute I have been across various reviews talking about a practical approach towards the course.

From day one I have noticed every single professor here march towards creating a manager for the future than teaching subjects. A professor here says, “MBA is not taught but it is learnt “. Such has been the quality of the mentors. Most of whom are from the Industries themselves. So they know what the industry wants and they know what to give us. I never had to review my decision of joining here because I knew this was made for me and I will not get anything better. Just three months through the course, I realise I am a totally different person to whom I was 3 months back. From a trembling foot that never goes on stage to a foot that is itching to move forward. Here, it is not just knowledge they implant but skills that they cultivate.

Be it the German Dual Education System or the methodology of teaching, IGTC has been serving for a cause. A cause to create the Managers for the Future. So will I be.