Arun Sundar D.

The decision to join Indo German Training Centre is one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life. At IGTC, the main focus is on pragmatic applied learning rather than rote learning. IGTC has played a vital role in sculpting my career from an ordinary to an extra-ordinary. Although I haven’t completed my course, I can feel the paradigm shift in my behaviour, thoughts and personality. IGTC has been like almost a second home to me. The pedagogy of IGTC has a perfect blend of theoretical and analytical learning.

One of the philosophies I learnt at IGTC is “Winning is not about competing but differentiating”, it is true for the institution thyself. IGTC does not showcase itself through pyrotechnic publicities or advertisements rather it propels its stakeholders to publicize it by creating industry-best managers through its incomparable pedagogic system. I’m truly amazed with the experience of being associated with IGTC.