G Badri

An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life”.

Me a student from IGTC standby and believe that it has changed my perspective of Management acquisition towards my career and life. The prestigious institution has helped in creating a niche for myself which reveals my identification by the values and ethics the institution has imbibed in me. My journey in the institution along with my association with the faculties has made an indelible impact on the way I look at my career today. We were always educated by our faculties to think what is called “Out of the Box” which has always helped me in looking at different perspective of a situation. I have other friends from various institutes learning the same subject. The demarcation created by IGTC is the methodology used; I am proud to be a part of those few institutions which believe in concept learning and not through just class room learning which has an overall impact on the personality one possesses within. The associations with top brands in all industry verticals is what gives IGTC high regards. I would like to owe my career leaps to this college which has taught me how to be a good citizen and then a great professional. I would recommend IGTC to aspiring professionals who aim to pursue a challenging career and one’s who really want to make a difference. I aspire to give others the opportunity to attend IGTC. I hope to accomplish this by supporting the Institute and serve as an proud Alumni.