Ranjit Madampath

Manager- Marketing

Rane Engine Value Ltd

IGTC, true to its illustrious history, delivers on its promise of providing a rich, intellectually stimulating best business education. The academic rigor of the EBMP pushes one to the limits of mental and physical endurance, all through ensuring the takeaway is more than expected. This program has allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime. I felt that the courses were well organized and had great assessment questions and handouts .To be able to apply what I learned was an empowering feeling for me. Working for fifteen years, I was just waiting for a program to be easy to use and well informative ,which was exciting for me when participants’ prior experience, classroom discussions and instruction imparted by leading academicians meet, it creates something that we fondly call the “WoW” factor. My faculties were great in making sure I knew how well I was doing and that they noticed my progress andaccentuating my learning experience. I can confidently claim that EBMP has given me more clarity in how I approach my thoughts, my career and my life .