Venkatanarayanan V.

IGTC is a place of excellence! The knowledge imparted here, through a stream of practical applications rather than a just bookish knowledge brings out in every student, a variety of potentials possessed, in their own unique ways. “Professionalism” is taught here, in the right way it has to be done. The quantum of knowledge every student gains here and the nature of projects they get to work, educates them in the wide areas of management and provides a vivid direction of a career path for them to adapt in future.

For me, now, it has been 8 months of a wonderful learning experience at IGTC. Be it in academics or otherwise, the one teaching for my career, which IGTC gave me is that, “ knowledge is possessed by everyone, but it would be worthless if it is not shared with others. Sharing knowledge adds more value to that knowledge”.